Hello guys! I'm going to share a review of one hotel in which we stayed in June 2021. The name of the hotel is hotel Löwe .  Actually in Serfaus you can choose hotel Löwe , which means Lion and hotel Bär which means Bear. Child-friendly Löwe & Bär hotels are members of the “ Leading Family Hotels & Resorts ”  with an excellent standard which meet the strict criteria. Everything is adapted for kids, from children's play area to children's menu. Hotels are all inclusive, rich breakfast and lunch buffet, in the afternoon you can find snacks &  cakes, to the multi-course evening menu of your choice. If you want to find out more about hotel Löwe please keep reading. 

Hi friends! Exactly a year ago we visited this fantastic place called Bubenheimer Spieleland. This is a perfect destination for kids of all ages and believe me parents will enjoy too. We tried almost everything, kids enjoyed so much and they cried when we said we need to go. First we explored the outdoor area and later explored the indoor area. If your kids are hungry there is a place where you can buy food & drinks. In this video you can see most of the outdoor part such as slides, adventure park etc.

Candida diet food: Gluten and sugar free

Candidiasis is an infection caused by yeast called Candida that normally lives on and in the body and causes no harm. It can cause an infection in certain conditions - when the skin is damaged, when a child has a weak immune system. Medicine with antibiotics ( antibiotics for ear infections) can also cause the yeast to overgrow. This is because those medicines kill normal bacteria that usually prevent too much yeast to grow. My younger kid has Candida right now and I need to prepare him food without sugar or white flour. 

Things to see and do near Podčetrtek, Slovenia


Coming to Olimje, one can hardly miss Olimje Monastery one of the biggest tourist attractions of Podčetrtek.  This former castle was built in 11th century and inhabited by the Pavlin monks in 17th century. Nearby there is a Church of the Assumption one of our country’s most beautiful baroque buildings, and pharmacy,  the third oldest monastic pharmacy in Europe. 

Easy and quick croissants that you will adore 

healthy snack for kids

These mini croissants are a perfect appetizer for a homemade brunch or a last minute dinner. They’re really very easy to make. As usual my kids were involved in the process every step of the way. Seeing how happy they were helping me, going around and saying I helped mommy to make them and I put sesame over it makes my heart melt. Mini croissants are perfect for kids birthdays, I noticed kids gladly eat them and my kids always ask for more. If you love croissants, you must definitely check recipe for  black and white croissants , they are a bit different and very tasty. 
I can’t wait to hear how you love them!

Things to see and do in Vienna during Christmas

When we decided to visit Vienna our only goal was to enjoy in beautifully decorated town & Christmas markets. We spent 3 days exploring Vienna at Christmas and sadly 2 days traveling.  Since we are Orthodox (we celebrate our Christmas in January) the best decision ever was to travel back home at January 25th. The roads were empty , we arrived home in 4 hours! And since our Christmas in not yet let`s say: Frohe Weihnachten! Which means “Merry Christmas”. If you are curious to see how Vienna looks like during holiday check our vlog from Vienna. 

Awesome and cheap gifts for Christmas

Christmas and New Year are approaching so fast  and you still can`t decide what to buy for your friend or family member ? Don`t you worry! I made a small list of 10 great gifts bellow $50! I still have to buy gifts for my loved ones! My kids would like any toy or sweets I bring to them but for hubby I need to think of something special. This year he decided to surprise me with a trip to Vienna ! So next week we are going to Christmas market. Anyways, thank you for reading and I really hope you will like some of my suggestions. 

Eco-friendly Ortenia Apartments in Podčetrtek, Slovenia

Outside view of Ortenia apartments in Podčetrtek, Slovenia

In June 2017 we stayed at this beautiful place called Ortenia. We stayed there for 3 nights in one of their apartments. Apartments are located in Podčetrtek , a very small and quiet place in Slovenia. First eco-friendly apartments in Slovenia, designed using the principle of innovative sustainable construction. These apartments are build from natural materials,  energy-saving light bulbs are installed in all buildings. Heating for water and rooms uses a renewable energy source – water pumped from a depth of 80 meters. The water tank collects rainwater from the roof, which is then used to flush sanitary appliances and water outside areas.

the favorite

Eco-friendly Ortenia Apartments in Podčetrtek, Slovenia In June 2017 we stayed at this beautiful place called Ortenia.  We stayed t...