Things to see and do in Vienna during Christmas

When we decided to visit Vienna our only goal was to enjoy in beautifully decorated town & Christmas markets. We spent 3 days exploring Vienna at Christmas and sadly 2 days traveling.  Since we are Orthodox (we celebrate our Christmas in January) the best decision ever was to travel back home at January 25th. The roads were empty , we arrived home in 4 hours! And since our Christmas in not yet let`s say: Frohe Weihnachten! Which means “Merry Christmas”

Awesome and cheap gifts for Christmas

Christmas and New Year are approaching so fast  and you still can`t decide what to buy for your friend or family member ? Don`t you worry! I made a small list of 10 great gifts bellow $50! I still have to buy gifts for my loved ones! My kids would like any toy or sweets I bring to them but for hubby I need to think of something special. This year he decided to surprise me with a trip to Vienna ! So next week we are going to Christmas market. Anyways, thank you for reading and I really hope you will like some of my suggestions. 

Eco-friendly Ortenia Apartments in Podčetrtek, Slovenia

Outside view of Ortenia apartments in Podčetrtek, Slovenia

In June 2017 we stayed at this beautiful place called Ortenia. We stayed there for 3 nights in one of their apartments. Apartments are located in Podčetrtek , a very small and quiet place in Slovenia. First eco-friendly apartments in Slovenia, designed using the principle of innovative sustainable construction. These apartments are build from natural materials,  energy-saving light bulbs are installed in all buildings. Heating for water and rooms uses a renewable energy source – water pumped from a depth of 80 meters. The water tank collects rainwater from the roof, which is then used to flush sanitary appliances and water outside areas.

Timeless Monschau village - The Pearl Of The Eifel

Monschau is a small historical town in Germany, in the Eifel mountain range, a place where time seems to have stood still for over three centuries, situated just 2km across the Belgian border. A friend recommended me to visit Monschau as I asked her what near Nideggen is worth visiting. It is only 30 mins by car  from Nideggen where we stayed for 2 days. Narrow cobblestoned streets lined with half-timbered houses, romantic lanes, medieval walls makes this town a perfect place for rest.  I noticed on some houses Christmas decorations even though it was middle of May. It wasn't crowded with tourists as I expected so I managed to take a lot of photos. I will highlight top things to do in this cute little town. 

25 hours hotel in Munich - The Royal Bavarian 

In  May 2019 I stayed in 25 Hours Hotels - The Royal Bavarian for 2 days with my family. Even though this was a payed collaboration I will give you my honest opinion about this hotel. It was really easy to find it, very modern hotel, beautifully designed.  We came by car and there wasn't a free parking in front of the hotel. But near there is a garage where you can leave your car and it's safe in case you wonder can you leave your car there. For two days we payed around 30€.  

How to make the best black and white croissants

Beside traveling my other passion is cooking. I can't say I'm an expert in kitchen but I really love to cook and try out new recipes. I will be honest and say this is my first attempt to make these two color croissants, they look great and what is the most important they taste amazing! I have 2 small kids and they ask from me to bake and cook all kind of food. The original receipt is in Serbian from "Minjina Kuhinjica". I translated this one in English, original recipe is on her website. 

The ancient village of Lindos on Rhodes, Greece

This beautiful village is located south of the capital. The medieval village itself is amazing, founded by the Dorians around 2000 BC. The village is totally pedestrianized and no vehicles are allowed on the paved streets of Lindos. Donkeys are the only way of transportation or by foot. You can walk through the village to the hill for the Acropolis. Streets are full of small shops, selling jewelry, clothes, souvenirs...

Rhodes - The island of the Knights 

Trip to Rhodes was quite short, we stayed there only for half of day but enough to see the most beautiful parts of town. 

A little about Rhodes

Rhodes is  located in Aegean Sea and one of the largest of the Dodecanese islands. The city is popular around the world for its Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was constructed to celebrate Rhodes' victory over the rules of Cyprus. This impressive giant statue was demolished during an earthquake, although parts of it were preserved, it was never rebuilt. 

Outside the Old City 

The Three Windmills at Mandraki Harbour Rhodes
These medieval windmills were used to ground the grain that came from commercial ships docking in the harbor. It is believed that once were 13-14 windmills, but most of them has disintegrated over time. 

the favorite

Eco-friendly Ortenia Apartments in Podčetrtek, Slovenia In June 2017 we stayed at this beautiful place called Ortenia.  We stayed t...